Been almost a year of silence

Months have passed and our world is still heading down the same path. No change of tempo… not even the slightest hesitation

The only way to change the course is by moving elsewhere
By facing the opposite direction we may just reverse the impact of this steady destructive motion
3rd world Lebanon is under the impression that tomorrow is defined by what we do today. At least the majority of the population seem to think so, otherwise, how could we explain such hostility and anguish
Beirut my city by choice. Is it?
The middle east; origin of the three religions that rule and ruin the lives of the people who still insist on calling this home; this centre of the world will continue to be the separating line between the two opposing powers
We are contaminated here and we ought to be quarantined; as a matter of fact, we already are
Stay at your own risk, i know I am

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