5 honest tips for team leaders to achieve

1-      Let go of your ego and not of your ambition
Ego is one of the biggest enemies of success; it prevents you from listening to colleagues and asking questions. It restrains you from going down unfamiliar roads, whereas ambition does exactly the opposite
Be driven by your ambition so that your focus remains on the target and not on the glory of the moment
2-      Let go of the mundane
If others can do it, let them do it. Delegate in order to enable yourself to achieve the tasks that only you are capable of; the tasks that make a difference
3-      See. Don’t just look
Keep all your senses sharp and receptive at all times
Look out for talent in your team and nurture it. A leader’s big success is built on smaller success stories achieved by talented motivated team members
While small-time managers feel threatened by talented employees, ambitious leaders embrace and nurture talent within their team to achieve even greater success and growth
Look out for the black hole in your system and isolate it. One rotten apple will spoil the bunch
Even if you think you have enough energy to spend trying to turn around unmotivated staff, just don’t. You cannot inject ambition where there is none. Save your energy and quickly quarantine the black hole
4-      Respect your mind. Give and take
Don’t just ask for additional performance from your brain, instead learn to nourish your mind with inspirational imagery and sounds
It has been scientifically proven that in additional to a number of health benefits, listening to music improves brain function on many levels
Get quality rest as soon as you need it
Exercise regularly with good friends to benefit on both physical and psychological levels
5-      Be selfish
A good dose of selfishness is undoubtedly a key driving force to success
You need to put first things first; if you spend your time helping your peers achieve their goals, they will inevitably get there before you do
Time is a limited resource. It is physically impossible for one man to have more of it than any another. Spend yours wisely

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